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EverGlow Catalogue 2013
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Hi Luminence series


after 10

after 60 minutes

Total Decay Time


HI 150

150 mcd/m²

22 mcd/m²

2100 minutes

HI 300

300 mcd/m²

45 mcd/m²

4100 minutes

HI 450

450 mcd/m²

70 mcd/m²

4500 minutes


HI 600

600 mcd/m²

100 mcd/m²

8100 minutes

HI 1000

1010 mcd/m²

185 mcd/m²

8640 minutes


Stair Tread Lighting System:

Aluminium stair edge markers to provide sufficient lighting to allow people to navigate staircases safely in both dark and light situations. The treads have been fully slip test rated using the pendulum slip test method.

These stair markers are particularly popular with Social Housing Landlords in order to replace battery operated emergency lighting.

Property Entrance Door Numbers:

Entrance door numbers that glow in darkened conditions allowing residents to locate their flat should the lights fail, but more importantly would allow the emergency services to locate a flat quickly especially in smokey fire conditions when seconds count.

Epoxy Resin Application:

Guidance Strips:

Way-guidance markings

(Photoluminescent coated, to be screwed, made of aluminum 0.56 mm) On

request also available in self-adhesive design

Door Markers:

Floor Markers:

Floor-marking arrows /

Discs with directional arrow


self-adhesive with anti-slip effect

high long-term adhesion due to 3M-special adhesive

1 set = 10 pieces

Floor-marking arrows /

Rectangle with directional arrow


self-adhesive, high long-term

adhesion due to 3M-special

adhesive; 1 set = 10 pieces

with anti-slip effect

Carpet Way Dot TM carpet markers

allow a fast, simple method to mark

exit guidance in loop-pile carpeted areas.

Normal vacuum or wet carpet

cleaning will not affect the dots.

The backing material is composed of

plastic- the markings are based on

aluminium 0,2 mm

Dots for flat, sheared, woven carpet on request