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The Salvation Army see the light

We are currently supplying Salvation Army House with photoluminescent solutions with our Everglow Hi150/300 range to provide safe and easy egress from large and small buildings including sheltered housing schemes where people are more vulnerable.


A recent installation at Youell Court in Bournemouth has been signed off by Dorset Fire and Rescue Service with them stating that the photoluminescent system fitted will satidfy the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.


Furthermore the Residents have commented that they love the system and have told the Dorset Fire Officer Andy Davies that it has improved an elderly Lady's life who is clinically blind as she is now "running up and down the stairs". This lady lives on the first floor and in the past rarely navigated the stairs, but now is up and down them frequently as she can locate the step edges clearly now.

Companies going green

A new survey shows that two thirds of UK companies now monitor their environmental performance. The main factor behind this trend seems to be concern provoked by last year's rising energy prices and widespread anticipation of future environmental legislation.